Hiking By The Light Of The Moon


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The moon was big, the temperature was crisp, the night was still and very quiet, so I grabbed my camera, tripod and remote and went for a night hike aided by the light of the moon. I ended up with two nice shots, both long exposures of 20 to 30 sec., respectively at f2.8 and iso4000 using a focal length …

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_IMG0567 - _IMG0571_copy

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Tryphena is Great Barrier Island’s most populated settlement. This is where I live and I plan to provide you over time with various perspectives of this part of the Island. In the following, two sunrise photos taken at Pah beach, looking north. The one with the creek is a single exposure, whilst the other being a result of a blend …

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Whangapoua & Harataonga


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I made my first panorama photos recently using a free programme called hugin – panorama photo stitcher. It can be simple to use, runs stable on my Ubuntu distribution and complements the other free programmes I use for post-processing. These are Lightzone and Gimp. Thanks to an unforeseen and lucrative job, I can afford to invest into new photography gear. …

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View On Little Barrier Island


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I hiked up to the summit of Mount Hobson (Hirakimata) via the Windy Canyon track with a camera and sleeping bag. Took the same route back after spending the night at Mount Heale. With post-processing in mind, I didn’t shoot much and ended up concentrating on the views on Little Barrier Island as seen from the track and the respective …

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Random Barrier Shots


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I enjoyed a great day in the outdoors shooting on the Barrier with a couple who live in west Auckland late April. We went on a casual photo tour of the Island that lasted most of the day time. It was great to discuss ideas and talk photography whilst experiencing various parts of the Island. We went to the highest …

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The Colours Of Night


Shooting at night is special. Camera, tripod and torch, and you’re ready to go. I have a long list of photography projects and ideas. The unusual setting created by a clear, windless night with a big moon is a mood I like to capture particularly. On these photographs the colours of night are visible, and it will take practice to …

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Native Trees Of Aotea


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“I wish I had a forest as a backyard.” This is what I often hear when taking people for a hike through my property. I’m almost daily in the backyard, walking the dog or exploring new areas. I particularly enjoy re-visiting the sites where big puriri trees have fallen down, but continue to grow and also provide a habitat/resource for …

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Great Barrier Island Photography


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I had a go at making a short video of my favourite shots of this year using Openshot. This video editing software is free and proved stable on my Ubuntu OS. I’m content with the outcome and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Post-processing of raw images was done using LightZone – free image post-processing software – and the concerto is by …

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