Tryphena & Textbooks


This gallery contains 5 photos.

It is starting to get warmer and more summery here on the Barrier. I’ve been reading a handful of textbooks on photography in general, colour and composition. I recommend Langford’s Basic Photography and Advanced Photography. For instance, I now understand how a camera sensor records colour, what anti-aliasing is and that a photograph is incomplete without a title. As a …

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Ever-Changing Views


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You know the feeling, when you are somewhere new and shoot, and after processing the photos you feel rather content or even proud about a certain composition and how you exposed for it. They say that practice makes the pro and often you have to re-visit an area to get good results. The following gallery contains five photos from viewpoints …

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Okupu – Blind Bay


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About two weeks ago, I got a friendly and motivating request by an instagram follower (My user name on instagram is ben.island). She mentioned enjoying my photos and that she has family in Okupu (Blind Bay), and was looking forward to seeing photos from that area. I arrived at the wharf 3 hours before the so-called golden light time to …

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Kereru – New Zealand Wood Pigeon


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The kereru is a rather beautiful pigeon, it’s larger and has more vivid colours than most pigeons I’ve seen in other countries. From empirical knowledge, I deduce that the kereru is smart. Remembering specific trees, on sunny days waiting for the sun to shine on the tree they want to eat of and being rather friendly when they get used …

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Land-Based Snapper Fishing Photography


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The snapper fishing can be spectacular on Atoea and the following photos showcase that this sort of land-based activity is is an adventure. The conditions were great, also for photography and I’ll just leave you with this gallery. If you like to read in depth about this and other rockfishing adventures, have a look at Photo Credit: Some photos  …

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Tryphena Harbour


I spend (more than less) daily time in the forest, walking up into the hills on my land. Experiencing the bush, its flora and fauna and usually ending up at one of the scenic view points. Rani (my dog) obviously loves her daily walk, although she sometimes seems to rather just stay at home. In the following a selection of …

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The Watchman


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A tiny Island called Channel Island oversees the Colville Channel in the Hauraki Gulf (NZ). Maybe this is why some call it the Watchman. The first photo is my favourite. The transition from sea to land to sky appears almost seamless. The drama in the sky hints at the different facets of the sea and this channel. The different shades …

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Forest Bathing


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Shinrin Yoku, is another confirmation that some people are losing touch with natural reality. The essential idea (I’m guessing) being that you gain health and wealth by spending time in the forest. Being translated trivially as Forest Bathing, I shall count myself fortunate as I bathe usually every day. Here are a selection of photos taken whilst visiting my therapist …

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